Typing 501(c)3

Does anyone else working in the nonprofit sector find it annoying that Microsoft Word constantly corrects 501(c)3 to read 501©3?
I finally had it this morning and figured out how to prevent this on an ongoing basis. If you are similarly frustrated, visit this help page and you will be guided regarding how to make an exception in autocorrect.
By the way, I realize that some of you will find it fairly pathetic that I didn’t take action years ago, and others will find it incredibly nerdy that I felt I needed to share this with others!

2 Responses to Typing 501(c)3

  1. Yes! This bugs me every time I type it. Like you, I’ve never gone in and changed the autocorrect feature; I just delete and retype it until it works. But maybe you’ve inspired me to take more permanent action.

  2. I too agree. I’ve gotten by by typing the parens with a space between and then back-tracked and inserted the “c” and it works. I never thought of turning off autocorrect. Many thanks (I’m still stuck back on Word 4.0 which is really the last version that was simply designed for word processing and didn’t have all the bells and whistles of Word 2010.)

    I just dated myself, didn’t I!