Resources and Update

Greetings!  Here are a few resources that I just became aware of and wanted to share.

  •  501 Studios produces “Movie Mondays“–short videocasts featuring advice on fundraising from experience development directors.   This week, listen to the fabulous Susan Howlett on the importance of gratitude.  Update:the Movie Mondays link above will always show you the current movie.  To see Susan’s video, you can now access it via her website, www.susanhowlett.com.
  •  Peter Senge is the keynote for the upcoming 2009 Northwest Leadership Summit: Economic Success in Times of Change on May 5 at Town Hall.  The Summit is a program of Seattle University Center for Leadership Formation.

LPC is thusfar surviving the economic downturn just fine.  I’ve been busy reading David Allen‘s Getting Things Done, and preparing to move the LPC office to my new home in Seward Park.  Here’s to a lighter carbon footprint and spending my breaks out in the garden!

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