Emergency Preparedness: Do One Thing Today!

A disaster like Superstorm Sandy reminds us of the importance of emergency preparedness, but we quickly return to our regular routine and neglect to prepare. All nonprofits should think through their role in the event of a disaster—is it important to continue to offer services? Will people in your community turn to you for help? Emergency preparedness can be overwhelming, so it is important to break it down into manageable steps and keep your efforts positive. Collaborating Agencies Responding to Disasters (CARD) is a nonprofit with a mission to prepare other nonprofits and those serving vulnerable communities for disaster. Visit their website for fear-free, culturally appropriate resources and easy steps to prepare.  Their site is available in 53 languages, and the resources are accessible and free.

One Response to Emergency Preparedness: Do One Thing Today!

  1. This is great advice. Considering all of the storms back east I think it is quite necessary that all citizens consider some type of emergency preparation. I recommend first starting out with a 72 hour kit for each member of your family. After this is accomplished, a simple first aid kit along with a week supply of water should be stored. When these tasks are accomplished an overall emergency plan should be put into place. Set goals for each month and work on them. As the holiday season approaches consider purchasing emergency preparedness items for loved ones instead of all of the things retailers throw at us. The most important thing to remember is preparation begins with you.