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Grassroots fundraising ideas and appreciation

I love it when I hear that people are using the resources that I have posted on my website!  It’s a reminder that so many folks are doing good work around the country and world.  I hear from perhaps a dozen people a year nationally and internationally who take the time to contact me, and it feels great to know that someone else didn’t have to reinvent the wheel.  I just got a call from a gentleman in Richmond, Virginia, this morning saying that the executive director hiring timeline I posted “saved his bacon” as he worked on leadership succession for their City Librarian.  Great! I’m honored to play a small role in a healthy nonprofit sector.

Last week, I received the note below, with a great resource for grassroots fundraising.  Mary, welcome to the social sector!  May your fundraising efforts be fruitful.

Hi there!

I help out with a nonprofit organization on the side and this year my daughter, Mary, is old enough to help out too! I wanted to get her involved so we were brainstorming fundraising ideas together and were using your page (http://www.laurapierceconsulting.com/resources) quite a bit – thanks!

During some research of her own, Mary also came across this article (http://www.aplossoftware.com/Fundraising-Guide-For-Nonprofit-Organizations.jsp). When she showed it to me I found it to be very useful and convenient because there’s a ton of resources all in one place! It makes everything really easy to understand and provides a bunch of great fundraising tips. We are looking forward to putting some of these unique ideas into action and raising money for a good cause.

We wanted to share it with you as a thank you and thought it would make a great addition to your page. Would you mind including it? I think your visitors will find the information helpful! Let me know if you get a chance to add it – I’d love to show Mary that her research has benefited someone else 🙂

Thanks again!

Susan (and Mary)