Laura Pierce Consulting Helps Nonprofits Thrive

Laura Pierce Since 1998, Laura Pierce has assisted over one hundred nonprofit organizations to more effectively meet their mission by improving operations, thinking more strategically, and teaching people to work more effectively together at the board and staff levels. More recently, Laura has begun teaming with other consultants to deliver a range of consulting services to her nonprofit clients.

Laura Pierce and her associates provide technical assistance in strategic planning, board development, interim management and organizational capacity building.

Laura Pierce Consulting helps nonprofits thrive.

Information: Keep It Flowing!

As our nonprofits grow, how do we keep the right amount of information flowing throughout the organization? The “information cascade” was the theme of a session at the 2014 Independent Sector conference. A number of thoughtful “C-Suite” executives (managers reporting to the CEO) shared their ideas to promote open communications among staff members. Here are…Continue Reading

The Rewards and Pitfalls of Collective Impact

Collective impact (CI) is an exciting trend in the nonprofit sector within the past decade. Many organizations, often from all sectors, unite to “move the needle” on a complex social challenge like eliminating poverty or achieving educational equity. The classic article that describes CI is Collective Impact, and a leading example of a CI initiative…Continue Reading